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The 21 Day Total Transformation course is aimed at helping you remove obstacles in your world and life in order to make way for a more fulfilling, healthy and abundant future that you have envisioned for yourself. And we want to help you do that by removing one more obstacle that might be in your way, funds. So if finances are holding you back, please know that we are offering this course on a sliding scale.

Please honor where you are at, but also note that choosing to pay from an attitude of abundance keeps you in the flow of good prosperity!

$199 – I am prosperous and ready for even more!

$99 – I am great and ready for even better!

$49 – I am in service and am ready to receive!

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What kind of results are people sharing about this course?

“Dear Ariel,

I wrote to you some time ago, outlining how the 21 Day Feng Shui & Yoga Program had set in motion a course of events that would change my life.

WELL…the outcome so far is that the $250K was granted to me, my husbands business is now making more money than ever, the energy of our home (we have 4 children) has changed to one of more love, warmth and happiness (OMG! Even our teenager has changed into a loving human again) and life gets better every day. Yeah!!!

Your course was the catalyst that changed our lives forever. Thanks Ariel and Sadie.”


Hi Sadie,

I just wanted to tell you that I’m very grateful for your Feng Shui course with Ariel. I know how powerful your courses can be.

I just finished viewing day 5. Since it’s 11:30 pm I won’t be taking Ariel’s yes/no/maybe concept into action right now but will do so in small spurts during daylight hours.

I love many things about my life right now but how I spend most of my day (working in a call centre) is not one of them and I think your course will help me to find my way.

I just wanted to say thank you for yet another life-changing opportunity. You are truly amazing.

-Sherry (Halifax, Canada)

“LOVE IT! Thanks FENG SHUI Master! I have been having fun with the 21 day Revolution. My husband has been enjoying it and FEELS and APPRECIATES all the new energy!”

-Becky (Kansas City)

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